The Merits of Law in a Society There are advantages of rules that have been put in place in a community. The way of life, believe in the supernatural being and the others are among the items of consideration in fixing the order and rules among the people. The way people relate to the society is controlled, and people are led. on how to work on any conflict arising in society. The free will comes with the availability of set rules in any society. People who keep the law and stick to its stay at peace and free to do what they will. Those whose go against the set conditions are all the time getting governmental follow-up. The the government is often keen to get caught of the criminals are brought them to the courts for trials. People must be prevented when they break any law that is put in place to guide people. The people planning to break the law do it cautiously and must plan it carefully. Rules and regulations must be adhered by all citizens.
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The laws in a community are set aside to keep safe the minority group in a society. One can figure out a country where individuals are free to do anything with no care or considerations. Stopping innocent people’s life, breaking in, raping and forcibly and unrightfully using authority would be some of the actions people would often be participating in the society.
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A very powerful law administering system keeping individuals safe among them prevents the disagreement and friction that would come if there were no set regulations stopping such harmful people from organizing crimes for they fear the result of the fatal end result. A well-being culture is one whereby individuals are at liberty to grow economically. In a country with regulations people are at liberty to migrate looking for better economic areas. Looking for a better environment to grow and expand economically. Therefore when there is law in society, then the people can work without fear of any attack. if there are given and set conditions then the society is managed. A clean environment is one that guarantees the safety and health of the people in that environment. The regulations guard the individuals from a dirty surrounding. The laws that are set to regulate the releasing of the industrial wastes to the surroundings guard the individual’s water, soil and the air that they breathe. The the law protects the environment from being dirtied by such waste from industries. Therefore the regulations protect the individuals from such harmful residues from the manufacturing sites.