This time Samsung will not only seek to compete hand in hand with the iPhone, but also wants to overcome everything that happened with the Galaxy Note 7 and the instability of its battery, which in a few cases ended up exploiting.

To do this, all his efforts have been concentrated on the next Smartphone, Galaxy S8, that on the night of this Thursday was launched in Colombia, in search of lost territory and learning from mistakes.

The S8 and S8 Plus models will have a great emphasis on artificial intelligence, where the phone is designed to adapt to the user’s needs and tastes, thus improving the experience, making it more personalized.

In battery, its power is similar to the presented in the Galaxy S7, since a model counts on three thousand milliamperes and the other 500 more. However, the trick would be to get your components and functions to consume less battery and with the possibility of charging wirelessly.

While the Galaxy S7 was praised as one of the best on the market, the Galaxy S8 promises to be the world’s fastest cell phone running Android. According to analysts, Samsung will again equip two processors in their new models, with identical high performance.

Qualcomm Snapdragon is one of the key components in any smart mobile device, and the S8 will have its 835 version, and for the time being, it will be the only computer on the market that has this updated version.

The other processor, a product of the bowels of Samsung, is the Exynos 8895, with which the South Korean manufacturer promises to improve, between 70% and 80% the performance of the process of the photographs made by the cameras of the equipment.

It is a cell phone without borders, with more space for the screen and minimum margins, so the front button no longer exists, as other companies have been doing.

The base storage of a smartphone is 32 Gb, but the Galaxy S8 will start from 64GB as a base, which certainly makes it the most competitive in the market.

Improvements in the camera and its resistance to water are important, as the S7 already had this type of functions of high quality.