Credit Card Balances and Activity Now Easier Than Ever to Track With the iPhone

Have you recently been out shopping and wanted to know what your remaining credit balance was on your credit card? Have you been on a road trip or at the airport and forgotten to pay your credit card bill? Have you wanted to know if there was any suspicious activity on your credit card? The new iPhone credit card apps available tackle these as well as some other obstacles that most credit card users face in everyday life.

The ability for the app store to bring a wide array of programming to your mobile communication device creates endless possibilities for the user. The most commonly downloaded credit card apps are Citibank, chase, and American Express. This article will rate each app based on functionality and ease of use.

The Citibank credit card application boasts a very user friendly interface, focusing on simplicity as key. The app will allow the user to see their balance, payment amount due, available credit, and important phone numbers. The app will also allow the user to make payments via the app. The app is lacking in providing up to the minute transaction information that other services do provide. This feature would allow the app to inform the user if a slew of transactions were coming through at once

The Chase card apps has many similar features, yet goes one step further. This app will also allow users to check their balance, remaining credit, payment amount due, make payments, and get important numbers, but this app will also send push updates about the account such as recent payments, etc. This feature allows a user to know when a payment posted to the account as well as inform the user if any suspicious activity is occurring on the card.

The American Express card application seemed to be the most user friendly of them all. The same features as both cards above are offered by this application; however, this application goes one step further by allowing the user to see instantaneous updates on transactions made. This feature allows a customer to make sure they were not overcharged or where they spend their money that day and what they spent it on. Rewards balances can also be seen on this application, making it easier for the user to track their rewards status and how many points are needed to approach the next reward.

The app store for the iPhone clearly is breaking down previous barriers to what someone can do on their mobile device. Almost all credit card companies as well as financial companies have joined the trend to have an app, making just about anything possible at your fingertips.