Quality Welded WIre Mesh Can Create A Strong Bond In Products

Wire mesh is used in concrete construction, and its rigid interconnections make it ideal for transferring stress from the concrete and absorbing it back. The welds of the cross wires are the main reason wire mesh is used in concrete applications. The welds at the joints help with better plat behavior in a slab including shrinkage and temperature changes. When thinner wires are used, it minimizes the width of the cracks and can save an individual or a business large amounts of money in the repair of the concrete.

Wire Mesh Can Save Money

It is very labor intensive to measure and cut bars or space them at the exact distance from one another. An employee won’t have to tie binding wires together. Wire mesh will make a project go faster and complete project faster.


The best thing about purchasing welded wire mesh from a reputable company, is they provide the flatness and the highest quality product a company can buy. They make the wire mesh with a variety of wire alloy, spacing and diameter configurations. It can also be trimmed or untrimmed.

Sheets Of Wire Mesh

A leading manufacturer of welded wire can produce large or small product runs. The sheet sizes can be as wide as 78 inches and 240 inches long. This will depend on the wire spacing and the diameter configurations can widely vary.

Basic Fabrication Of Wire Mesh That’s Welded

Two orthogonal wires are welded together where they cross using a resistance welding process. A grid or pattern board is created as it’s guided through the welder. A machine drops he cross wires into perfectly into place. Automated CNC grid welding machines and jig welders allow a manufacturer to produce wire mesh to a customer’s exact specifications.


Various finishes can be used on the wire mesh after it’s been manufactured. The finish can enhance a specific aesthetic or can be powder-coated and hot-dipped. It can also be left in a bare, mill-finished condition if a secondary coating isn’t requested.

When you need wire mesh for concrete, fencing, or any other type of application, purchase it from a leader in the industry who will make it to your exact specifications.